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AISD COVID-19 Dashboard

The Abilene ISD will report positive staff and student COVID-19 cases on this page. Because of confidentiality requirements under HIPAA, FERPA, and ADA, we are unable to share staff and student names or other identifying information. Campuses and facilities throughout the district are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily in order to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The safety and well-being of our students and staff are of paramount importance in the AISD. District and campus staff are committed to maintaining safe learning and working environments at each of our facilities.

as of October 15, 2021
• New Today (Oct. 15): 6 new cases (1 student, 5 staff members):  1 student at Alcorta, 3 staff members at Cooper, 1 staff member at Bowie, 1 staff member at Crockett
• Active Cases in the AISD: 103 (81 students, 22 staff members)
• Inactive / Recovered Cases in the AISD: 999 (814 students, 185 staff members)
• Total Cases in the AISD (active and inactive/recovered) since Aug. 3, 2021: 1,102 (895 students, 207 staff members)
NOTE: On Sept. 5, six (6) inactive cases were removed from the district’s total that were recorded before Aug. 1 and that didn’t affect return to work or school. Those cases are three students at Abilene High, 1 staff member at Alcorta, 1 staff member at Ortiz and 1 staff member in Custodial. 


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