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Abilene ISD Strategic Plan

The Abilene Independent School District Board of Trustees is committed to supporting the mission, vision and priorities of the AISD Strategic Plan.

Belief Statements

  • Deep learning involves critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving.
  • Relevant and meaningful student experiences are the core of the modern classroom.
  • Initiative, innovation, a strong work-ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit are life skills each student needs.
  • The cultivation of each student’s strengths and passions leads to success.
  • Respect, care and having high expectations for each student is the foundation for learning.

Strategic Priorities

  • Make classrooms more meaningful and relevant for students and teachers.
  • Develop a culture, climate and environment that values collaboration.
  • Build partnerships with local business and organizations.
  • Tell the AISD stories of inspiration, success and opportunity to the community, parents and staff.


Inspired, skilled, engaged and empowered students make a difference in the world


AISD engages and empowers each student to be contributing, responsible citizens who reach their full potential through relevant, innovative and rigorous learning experiences.

Strategic Plan Information