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AISD Strategic Plan

The Abilene Independent School District Board of Trustees is committed to supporting the mission, vision and priorities of the AISD Strategic Plan.

Belief Statements


  • Each child, staff member and parent needs positive personal connections within the district.
  • Respect, care and having high expectations for each student is the foundation for learning.


  • Initiative, innovation, and a strong work-ethic are important life skills for students and staff.
  • Developing partnerships throughout the Abilene community builds connections for future leaders to give back to the community.


  • Intellectual, emotional, and physical safety are crucial components to a successful school environment.
  • Critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving are essential for deep learning.

Mission Statement

AISD will equip learners to make a positive impact in their world through relevant, innovative, and challenging learning experiences.

Vision Statement

Equipped Learners. Brighter Futures.

Strategic Priorities

  • Establish a culture of collaboration between students, teachers, administrators and the AISD community.
  • Learners will be actively engaged in classrooms.
  • Abilene ISD will develop intentional strategic partnerships which capitalize on the strengths, resources, and talents of all stakeholders.
  • Tell the AISD story of being a school district of choice that provides unparalleled opportunities for all students, staff, and parents.