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AISD Strategic Plan

The Abilene Independent School District Board of Trustees is committed to supporting the mission, vision and priorities of the AISD Strategic Plan.

AISD HB3 Student Achievement Goals

CCMR Board Goal | EC Literacy Board Goal | EC Math Board Goal

Belief Statements


  • Each child, staff member and parent needs positive personal connections within the district.
  • Respect, care and having high expectations for each student is the foundation for learning.


  • Initiative, innovation, and a strong work-ethic are important life skills for students and staff.
  • Developing partnerships throughout the Abilene community builds connections for future leaders to give back to the community.


  • Intellectual, emotional, and physical safety are crucial components to a successful school environment.
  • Critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving are essential for deep learning.

Mission Statement

AISD will equip learners to make a positive impact in their world through relevant, innovative, and challenging learning experiences.

Vision Statement

Equipped Learners. Brighter Futures!

Strategic Priorities

  • Establish a culture of collaboration between students, teachers, administrators and the AISD community.
  • Learners will be actively engaged in classrooms.
  • Abilene ISD will develop intentional strategic partnerships which capitalize on the strengths, resources, and talents of all stakeholders.
  • Tell the AISD story of being a school district of choice that provides unparalleled opportunities for all students, staff, and parents.