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The Science Department supports inquiry-based learning in a student-centered classroom. Descriptive, comparative, and experimental laboratory investigations are integrated into at least 40% of science instructional time. To support the teaching of science, educators are encouraged to design learning environments that transform students into communities of scientific learners. Teachers model the skills of scientific inquiry, while providing activities and tolls that allow the student to observe, collect data, reflect and analyze first hand events.

Supporting teachers and campus leadership through data-driven professional development sessions allows teachers to build their content knowledge and pedagogy skills in order to close achievement gaps and increase student performance in the area of science. To this end, the Science Department provides rigorous curricula and assessment products with opportunities for teacher involvement and teacher growth through professional development, and actively seeks opportunities for students and teachers to engage in science-related activities and programs both in and out of school.

Wonders in Nature field trips to Abilene State Park provide elementary teachers and students quality outdoor educational experiences to improve student achievement in science and develop awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the natural world. The field trips offer urban students and teachers the opportunity to connect with nature and learn important science content and skills. The instructional programs, led by Texas Parks and Wildlife Rangers and Master Naturalists, are fully aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, local science curriculum, and STAAR tests.

Establishing a solid foundation of science concepts begins in kindergarten and continues through adulthood. It requires the combined efforts of students, teachers, administrators and parents to provide the support for student success.

Looking for YAGs or Pacing Guides?  You can access those through our Science Google Classrooms.


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