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OUR Volunteers have heart.

What makes a volunteer special is caring enough to take action for the good of someone else, whether they have the time to do so or not. Our volunteers help keep our students safe, attend field trips, and gather resources to improve our schools and learning experiences. 

Join our growing community of volunteers and help serve Abilene ISD students and schools today. 

Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in helping with our school’s activities. We are committed to ensuring that our students, staff, and community members have a safe and enjoyable volunteer experience.

Visiting an AISD Campus

Visitors include classroom and lunch guests who are on the contact list of the student(s) they are visiting. Examples of visitor roles include class party helpers, one-time guest teachers, and college student observers. A background check is not required to visit an AISD campus, but all visitors must complete a Raptor check in the front office and wear their white sticker badge at all times when on campus. All visitors must be in the presence of a teacher or staff member at all times when with students.

Volunteering with an AISD School

We appreciate our volunteers! To help clarify expectations, please review the following:

  • Volunteer 1: Level 1 volunteers include single-day field trip helpers, classroom readers, library assistants, and PTO/PTA members. These volunteers must be accompanied by AISD staff and will not be allowed to supervise AISD students alone. A volunteer application to complete an annual name-based background check must be submitted via the AISD website 2-4 weeks prior to the first event. After receiving name-based background check clearance, Level 1 volunteers must also complete a Raptor check-in at the campus front office and wear their white visitors badge for the duration of each on-campus event.
  • Volunteer 2: Level 2 volunteers include members of service provider organizations that have a Memorandum of Understanding regarding background checks on file with AISD, such as New Horizons, CASA, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Because these volunteers could possibly be in a position to supervise students alone, AISD requires the completion of a volunteer application and annual name-based background check 2-4 weeks prior to the first on-campus volunteering event. If AISD does not have an MOU on file with the service provider, Level 2 volunteers will also be required to complete a fingerprint background check.
  • Volunteer 3: Level 3 volunteers are individuals who will possibly be in a position to supervise students alone due to the nature of the activity, such as an out of town trip. These individuals will be required to complete the annual online volunteer application and complete a fingerprint background check at the public IdentoGo location in Abilene. Additional communication about this process will come from the campus sponsor in charge of coordinating the trip.

Please note that campus principals retain the discretion to allow or disallow volunteer participation.

AISD Campus Volunteer Application & Name-Based Background Check Procedures

In order to take part in events and activities at AISD campuses, a volunteer application and background check must be completed. Please complete the steps below to start the process of becoming an vetted Abilene ISD volunteer today.

  1. Applicants can use their TEAMS/Frontline login to follow the steps to sign in. If the applicant does not have a TEAMS/Frontline login, click register to create an account.
  2. Each applicant must individually log in and fill out their own information completely.
  3. Notify your campus when you have submitted your application and they will contact the Department of Communications.