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Master Facility Planning

The Abilene Independent School District’s Board of Trustees is dedicated to doing everything possible to create a system of schools designed to ensure the academic success of every student. The primary mission of the AISD is to achieve education excellence based on both local and external accountability standards by providing a challenging curriculum, assessing individual achievement, and ensuring student success to graduate all students well-prepared for the rigors of college and/or a career.

Bonham Campus In order to accomplish this goal, we recognize the importance of implementing new standards and expectations for all District educational programming, along with new and innovative ways to measure and evaluate effectiveness. A fundamental component of providing quality educational programming is providing educational facilities and tools that appropriately facilitate, support, and even stimulate the overall educational program.

Johnson The modernization of our educational facilities and educational tools strengthens our schools, our students and their futures, as well as protects the long term economic viability of our city. Schools are an important public asset in our neighborhoods and in our overall community.

The AISD Board of Trustees has asked this committee for input on the development of a District-Wide Facilities Masterplan, recognizing that our schools belong to the community and that your feedback will be to integral to the process.

Committee Charge

The AISD Facility Planning Committee, which is to be comprised of leading citizens in the community, will work with the District staff as an advisory committee to the AISD School Board. The main objective of the Committee will be to provide insight on current and future facility needs of the District. In a consultative capacity, the Committee will assist the District in review of the long-range needs analysis for facilities, the prioritization of those needs, and the gathering of additional data as appropriate and necessary to communicate these needs.

The Committee will meet on a regular basis, or when otherwise needed, in order to identify and articulate this information to the AISD Board. The Committee will take minutes of meetings, to be distributed to AISD Board Members, Officers, or other faculty and staff as requested or needed by the AISD Board or Administration. Information brought before the AISD Board should include only those ideas, observations, or concerns that are considered to be a consensus within the Committee. While the insight of the Committee is highly-valued, and recommendations from the Committee will be carefully reviewed, decisions made regarding any potential construction, renovation or improvements project will be made by the AISD Board.

Information on the 2013 Bond

MFPC Calendar

Meeting 4: Thursday, May 10
  Cooper High School
Meeting 5: Thursday, May 24
  Dyess Elementary School
Meeting 6: Thursday, May 31
  Taylor Elementary School
Meeting 7: Thursday, June 14
 Abilene High School

Facility tour 5 p.m. Meetings at 6 p.m.

Board Meeting: Committee
Recommendations to Trustees
Monday, July 9 @ 6:00 P.M.


MFPC Meetings


2018 MFPC Members

Cary Etter, Chair
Mike Breckenridge, Vice Chair
Seaton Higginbotham, Vice Chair
Rita McGee
Joe Humphrey
Amy Smith
April Mercer
Brady Nichols
Donna Lanier
Daniel Ortiz
Odis Dalton
Veronica Diaz
Jack Miller
Tracy Howle
Danny Kittley
Will Dugger
Mike Dunahoo
Lois Jameson
Maddy Beal
Kennedy Carmichael
Khandon James