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 Welcome to the Technology Services Department

Our goal is to provide access to modern technology throughout the district in order to increase the effectiveness of student learning, instructional management, operations, and administration services. We have a key role in providing the staff development needed for our staff to use the technology effectively.

Our Technology Services Department is divided into various areas to support our mission: Network Infrastructure, Systems Infrastructure, Information Systems, Projects and Acquisitions, Technical Services, Libraries, and Instructional Technology.

  • The network infrastructure staff supports the servers and the numerous software applications along with the network devices in our district.
  • The information systems staff support the student information system, business/hr system, and PEIMS.
  • The eRate project manager and technology acquisitions staff support the eRate projects as well as all technology acquisitions.
  • The technical support staff provide assistance with staff on technology related problems through the help desk—they support computers, printers, projectors, promethean boards, and other devices.
  • The library support staff includes an elementary lead librarian, secondary lead Librarian, and three elementary library supervisors.
  • The instructional technology staff supports the curriculum, instruction, assessment , and technology needs of the district through professional development classes as well as providing back end database support.