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Google Classroom Teacher Planning

Teacher Portal


24/7 Support for Teacher Planning

Each benchmarked course has an accompanying Google classroom containing recommendations for teacher professional learning and classroom instruction. Use this tutorial for help joining a Google Classroom: http://ior.ad/vRr

Google classroom resources are searchable by topic and include links to web-based resources and file attachments. Classroom members can post questions to classmates and the content coordinator or director who proctors the class. This interaction allows us to immediately know when a teacher might need clarification or support.

Google Classroom Join Codes:

Mathematics RLA Science Social Studies Foreign Language

Math Kinder –hzdo2sq

Math 1- g45edf6

Math 2– otvijxm

Math 3vx5bgzw

Math 4– r47fdwr

Math 54ir2rhm

Math 6 – y2julcv

Math 7 – sqyryoq

Math 8 – 4gyihpr

Algebra I – 5hp55nf


Geometry – tvr4ntv

Algebraic Reasoning -j2dbjud

Math Models – eolkvik

Algebra II – 65l6uq4

Precalculus – ndebadt

AP Calculus – jbn4mop

Financial Math – q5c544g

Statistics for Business Decision Making – bqy6rao


1st Gradej7vhfio

2nd Grade2uaa5zw

3rd Grade3iootuc

4th Grademtoowam

5th Grademacn4d2

Elementary Reading Interventionists, Grades K-5 xjipgiv

RLA 6 – d6kph3p

6th Grade Reading Courses – cfzytod

RLA 7 – ocaduny

RLA 8 – 2l6sdjn

English I – 3iwmc3o

English II – fhwafgd

English III – c4yl5l3

English IV – ozym53g

Secondary Reading Intervention, Grades 6-10 – gydjubw

K-2 Science — v6orlvj

3-5 Science — b3l6rcn

6-8 Science — rx25trc

6th  Scienceitwpobs

7th  Sciencesq2thdr

A&P – 5swoptb

Astronomy — afx2ilc

Biology – 6naa42s

Chemistry  — bydthzc

Enviro Sys – ypvw7vf

Forensics – ve2i2bi

IPC — dfby77c

Physics – 2a6m334





K-2 Social Studies7lqe5ot

3-5 Social Studies -h7y354q

6th Grade  – f6nznck

7th Grade– lhkz5pm

8th Grade  – gi3saix

World Geo –  jmg37yv

World Hist – ziatahr

US History – qmoerl7

Economics – 73nzb46

Government – pghlygi



 Spanish – nacbc27

 Spanish II – dq5y3r4