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Smart Tag

The Abilene ISD Transportation Department is excited to announce the addition of Smart Tag to our transportation services.  Smart Tag is a security tool that will enable our department to:

  • Know where a student boards and disembarks a bus
  • Know when a student boards and disembarks a bus
  • Know the students that are on any given bus in real time
  • Determine the location of a bus in real time
  • Determine if a bus is on schedule 

Administrators at the campus will also be able to determine where a bus that serves their campus is located and how many of their students are on that bus.  They will then be able to make necessary arrangements for buses that may be running ahead or behind schedule. 

In order for this new security feature to work appropriately, students have been given a badge to use for scanning on and off the bus.  This badge is also their ticket for riding.  If a student loses a badge, that student will be given 3 days to purchase a new tag at their campus for $5.00.   Once purchased, a new tag will be printed and the student will be allowed to resume riding.