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Pay Examples

Calculate Your Paycheck Amount – Hourly Non-Exempt Employees 

It’s easy to figure out how much your paycheck will be (before taxes and deductions, that is). If you know just a few key facts about your work schedule and your hourly rate, you can calculate your check for yourself.

Schools pay their employees on a 12-month basis, which means what you earn in 10 months is spread out in 12 months of payroll checks. Often employees are disappointed when they work a 15-day payroll period and do not see more on their check, but they are elated to receive pay during the summer when they are not working.

You earn the same amount annually, but it is distributed evenly all year.

In the examples below we will look at the pay for a bus driver, classroom aide and cafeteria worker.

Math Calcuation:
Hours/Day x Days/Yr x Hourly Rate = Annual Salary
Annual Salary ÷ 24 (number of paychecks per year) = Gross Pay Per Check

Sample Data:



(x) Days/Yr

(x) Hourly Rate

(=) Annual Salary

(/)Number of Checks/Yr

(=)Gross Pay Per Check

Classroom Aide







Bus Driver







Student Nutrition Specialist








Calculate Your Paycheck Amount – Salary Exempt Employees

In the examples below, we will look at the pay for a teacher.

Math Calculation:

Annual Salary ÷ 24 (number of paychecks per year) = Gross Pay Per Check

Position           Annual Salary           (/) Number of Checks/Yr      =Gross pay per check

Teacher              $44,000.00                                 24                                  $1,833.33